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Pre Surgical/ Procedure Instructions

The following instructions are imperative to adhere by to prepare your pet for a procedure. If your pet is diabetic or has a medical condition which makes these instructions unsafe to follow, please contact our hospital before proceeding.

  • The evening before the procedure is scheduled, please do not feed your pet after 8pm. Dinner can be given prior to 8pm, but no food after this time.
  • Water¬† is safe to be offered until the procedure
  • Continue to give all prescribed medications as regularly scheduled. If medications are only accepted in treats/food; please give the smallest effective amount to administer the medication.
  • Please bring all daily medications, in their bottles, with you for check-in. We will take these medications, however you will receive them back when your pet is discharged. We want to ensure you have adequate stock as well as look for any concerning drug interactions with medications we will be using.
  • A pre-payment may be required for admitted pets. This will be the lowest amount given on your treatment plan estimate. If you did not receive a treatment plan estimate please call our hospital so that we can get that for you. Your treatment plan is a snapshot of an average¬† cost for the procedure your pet is receiving, however your charges will reflect what is needed for your pet specifically. We will present you with an itemized receipt of your charges, and settle balances due or credits due upon discharge.
  • A Doctor or Veterinary Technician will contact you after your pets procedure to schedule a discharge appointment time.