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Please follow the instructions below to prepare your pet for their upcoming ultrasound.

If your pet’s ultrasound is being done as a scheduled visit, this will be an outpatient imaging procedure. Our ultrasounds are performed in house, by a board certified veterinarian who will communicate their findings with the pet owner at the time of the visit. Anticipate a visit time of approximately 1 hour.

Cardiac Ultrasound
  • Your pet does not have to alter their schedule for a cardiac ultrasound
  • This test is performed without sedation so that the doctor may  see how the heart performs under normal conditions.

Abdominal Ultrasound

  • Your pet will receive a sedative for this imagining procedure
  • Please withhold food for 6 hours prior to this appointment
  • Please attempt to bring your pet in with a fuller bladder. While it is not necessary to prevent urination all day, it is beneficial to imaging when there is some urine in the bladder. A couple hours of restricting bathroom breaks along with preventing urination while walking into the building should be sufficient.
  • Your pets sedative will be reversed following the imaging procedure but many pets will stay groggy for several hours. This is normal.